Read It: Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure

Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure

Zeus is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure by Michael Munz

Zeus is dead. Poseidon has taken the throne and the Olympian gods has returned in the mortal world to oversee their godly duties. The once hidden gods of Olympus, now enjoy the spotlight with a growing number of followers – except for Apollo.

Apollo believes that Zeus’ death was no lucky accident and is set to discover the truth about the murder,expose the conspirators and resurrect Zeus to restore order once again. And with a vague vision including the involvement of a mortal named Leif, he goes on to continue his task looking for answers with the help of the Muses and a TV producer named Tracy Wallace.

I got this book in exchange for an honest review and well, here are my thoughts:

  1. The plot of the book looks very promising. The idea of using the Greek gods as contemporary characters is interesting and I haven’t read a book with the same plot so I thought it was worth a shot reading.
  2. For one, Michael Munz did really did a good research about Greek mythology. Its really a plus because he stayed true to the gods’ character and molded them into what they would have been if they lived today. It was clever and hilarious at the same time. It also resulted to some research on my part because I am not very familiar with all the Greek characters but it was fun.
  3. Unlike some novels which start well and  then goes downhill, this one does not disappoint. The humor and witty banter is consistent all throughout the story which makes it a light read. Something good to read after a stressful day.
  4.  The characters are lovable and well developed. I like the eccentricity of each and how well they work well together to form balance in the story. Focusing on the central characters, I think it was a bit of disappointment how Leif’s involvement in  the vision was. I was expecting something grand but I think it forgivable since the twist with Tracy was something unexpected. Thalia, one of the Muses, is also an interesting character although at times she talks too much.
  5. I love mysteries and the thought of finding out who murdered Zeus was something I looked forward throughout the story. Of course I had my own bets, sadly my guess was wrong but still, finding out which gods were involved in the murder is exciting.
  6. I thought I’d be able to finish this book in a short span but it took time because I had to do a bit of research but all in all, I think this is recommendable to intermediate readers. It is like infusing education with entertainment. You get to learn your basic Greek mythology while reading for pleasure.

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