Read It: Love Walked In

Love Walked In

Love Walked In by Marisa De Los Santos

TFG: February Book Discussion

I promised myself that I’ll try to be more active in TFG discussions and I will start with with the February Book Discussion. I like trying out books from authors I haven’t read yet and joining in TFG helps a lot with it. šŸ™‚

Cornelia’s real life started when a handsome stranger walked into the coffee shop. His name was Martin Grace and she fell for him right away. Little did she know that when he walked in, big changes are about to come her way.

Clare’s life turned upside down and it all started when her mom bought home ten full sets of towels – in different colors. She knew right then and there that something was wrong. Mom isn’t mom now and as much as she did not want to, she calls her father for help.

  1. This was anĀ  interesting read. Cornelia and Clare are 2 girls of different age experiencing a longing for love in an entirely different perspective. Cornelia, looking for romance and a love that would last forever. Clare, longing for familial affection and a steadfast home. Usually, when I read novels in multiple POVs, the 2 characters are more or less searching for each other and are romantically involved so reading this was intriguing.
  2. I liked that every chapter shows which character POV I am going to read. It helps to understand the story more.
  3. Clare is a lovable girl. Her penchant for orphaned fictional characters shows that she wants to be a strong girl despite the problems she is facing at home. She considers herself as an almost orphan since her mom left her and her dad is unattached to her.
  4. Cornelia is a hopeless romantic. She dreams of finally meeting Mr. Perfect and when she does, she falls head over heels for Martin Grace.
  5. I love the fact that the two girls unexpectedly meet in the coffee shop and the circumstance behind it got me off guard. It was a really nice twist.
  6. Martin Grace is as dashing a bachelor can be. He is described as a gentleman and a good looking fellow (according to Cornelia). He embodies a man who girls can easily fall for. As a father to Clare, he sucks. He doesn’t know what to do (even if it is obvious) and does not seem to make an effort to comfort Clare and be close to her. I think he regards Clare as a burden.
  7. The events that has happened after Cornelia and Clare’s meeting shows that love is not all about romance. It comes in all shapes and sizes and you can find love in unexpected times and circumstances. I really want to discuss more but doing so would spoil a lot of the story’s plot.

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