Music Junkie: Echosmith

Happy Monday! It’s time to start the week again. It’s back to work after a fun weekend. Anyway, since it’s back to the drawing board for me this morning, I’m thinking of a good playlist to start the day with. Something light and relaxing would be great to cure weekend hangovers and the song Bright by Echosmith fit best for a refreshing Monday morning.

Echosmith is an indie pop band composed of four siblings: Graham, Sydney, Noah, and Jamie Sierota. The first song I heard from them was Cool Kids which my friend asked me to listen to and I immediately liked them. After that, I downloaded their album, Talking Dreams, and put them on my playlist.

Unfortunately, Grooveshark is no longer free so I’m directing all links to youtube. Listen to their songs here.

Some of their songs worth listening to:

  1. March Into The Sun
  2. Tell Her You Love Her
  3. Surround You
  4. Let’s Love

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