The Wensha Spa Experience

Last night, my friends and I decided to treat ourselves for an evening of relaxation. We really wanted to try out Wensha Spa since last year and thought that maybe it’s about time to go there. We made plans of going on a weekend but thought otherwise because the place may be crowded, but even on a Monday night the place is actually packed.

We availed of their Wensha Whole Body Massage for Php830 which includes the use of jacuzzi, sauna and steam room plus an all-you-can-eat buffet meal. They are also open for 24 hours so we were able to enjoy the amenities despite coming in at around 8:30pm.

After paying for the fees at the reception counter, we were given our locker keys and were asked to leave our shoes (they provided slippers). We went to the locker room and were handed robes and towels which we were to use while in the premises.

First thing was to take a shower. You have to take a shower before going in on any treatment just for common courtesy and hygiene. We then dipped into the jacuzzi and savored the relaxing heated water (which feels so nice) while chatting and catching up. After trying out the jacuzzi, we then tried the sauna which is also relaxing. They have an ice-filled chest  and plastic wash bowls where you can get ice from and bring in to the sauna so you can cool yourself down if it’s getting too hot for you. We skipped trying the steam room because we were not fans of steam rooms so we headed for the shower before getting the body massage.

The body massage would have to be the highlight of our trip since it was the one thing we all really looked forward to. It feels so relaxing and refreshing. They have nice and skilled massage therapists. I think the body massage lasted for an hour. I’m not really sure I was too comfortable getting massaged from head to toe to think things.

After the body massage, it was time to feast on our meal. The buffet was okay, nothing too special. They have limited food choices but the food tastes good. We had shabu-shabu cooked on our table, siopao, buttered vegetable, chicken and squid dishes, and some noodles. It was a nice meal to cap off the evening. I think we went home around 11:30pm.

Sorry for the crappy phone photos (front camera does not take good quality photos in dim areas, haha). Plus, taking photos are not allowed in some areas of the spa.

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