Music Junkie: Elle King – Love Stuff

It’s a busy mid week and I just found time to sort through potential download worthy new releases. Elle King is a new name (for me) and she has just released her first album Love Stuff last February 17.

I love her album cover. I find it simple and classy. Her singing style and voice reminds me of a cross between Adelle and Christina Perri, husky and powerful. I like her songs which are a mix of upbeat and mellow music which gives a good variety to listeners. Of all her songs, my favorite would have to be Last Damn Night.

Here is the complete tracklist:

  1. Where The Devil Don’t Go
  2. Ex’s & Oh’s
  3. Last Damn Night
  4. Kocaine Karolina
  5. Song of Sorrow
  6. America’s Sweetheart
  7. Jackson
  8. Make You Smile
  9. See You Again
  10. Ain’t Gonna Drown
  11. I Told You I Was Mean
  12. Under The Influence


About Elaine

interior designer | occasional bookworm | closet otaku | music lover | frustrated craftsman | lazy artist | part time bum
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