Music Junkie: The Strokes

I haven’t progressed much on my reading goals! I’m busy with work lately and have been slacking off on reading by the evening. On a more positive note, at least I have projects to attend to – better than  none right?

Anyway, to compensate for lack of book reviews, I might as well post about music I love listening to.

The first time I heard The Strokes was when a friend/colleague played their music in the office. He loves The Strokes and plays their music every time he gets in first or when no one else has bothered to play music. I don’t mind though because I think they’re good and interesting.

The Strokes is an American rock band formed in 1998 but released their debut album Is This It on 2001. They currently have 5 albums under their belt which are all listen worthy. Here are my favorites from each album:

Is This It (2001) – 1)Someday, 2)Trying Your Luck, 3)Last Nite, 4)Alone Together

Room On Fire (2003) – 1)Reptilia, 2)12:51, 3)I Can’t Win

First Impressions of Earth (2006) – 1)You Only Live Once, 2)On The Other Side, 3)Killing Lies

Angles (2011) – 1)Gratisfication, 2)Taken For A Fool, 3)Undercover of Darkness

Comedown Machine (2013) – 1)All The Time, 2)50/50

I am currently putting it all on today’s playlist because I’m about to go on a 2 hour drive out of town to Clark (might post about the trip next). Bye for now and a happy Thursday morning!


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