Music Junkie: Awolnation – Run

album cover

Awolnation has just released their new album Run last March 17 prior to announcing it’s supposed release on 2014. It has been 3 years since the band first released an album, Megalithic Symphony, and most fans have been wondering if there would be a next one coming. And so, here it is, another album to feast our ears in.

I just got a copy yesterday and played it last night before going to bed, I think compared to Megalithic Symphony, songs in Run are softer on the ears. It was not as full on upbeat rock music and I felt it was totally different than what I used to hear from them. I liked their first album better but maybe I’m still adjusting to their new songs.

The songs which I like from the album are: 1) I Am, 2) Headrest for My Soul 3) Dreamers 4) Woman Woman. I liked Headrest for My Soul best because it’s the first acoustic song I heard from the band. It’s a very simple song where I can actually hear the lyrics clearly. The song Like People, Like Plastic on the other hand, sounds very familiar. It sounds like it was derived from Guilty Filthy Soul or Kill Your Heroes (from Megalithic Symphony album).

Here is the complete track list:

  1. Run
  2. Fat Face
  3. Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)
  4. Jailbreak
  6. I Am
  7. Headrest for My Soul
  8. Dreamers
  9. Windows
  10. Holy Roller
  11. Woman Woman
  12. Lie Love Live Love
  13. Like People, Like Plastic
  14. Drinking Lightning


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