Round Robin Cafe

I am in constant hunt for a good cafe to go to. I just want to crash somewhere when I’m in the mood for alone time reading and when I’m getting tired of sitting in front of my desk at home doing work.

Round Robin is probably one of the cafe’s nearest my house. I was not really going here but the tea shop I was supposed to go to is closed on Mondays so I tried walking some more to find places I haven’t hung out in yet. The place is relatively small with just a few tables – I think there are only 4 tables. I seated next to the window and found my spot cramped and it was supposed to seat at least 2 people. My legs just hogged the entirety of the space. The interiors look ‘fast foody’ (sorry for the lack of correct term). The place is also not as crowded maybe because I went in at mid-afternoon.

They also have a variety of food in their menu. They serve desserts and hot dishes. I was not feeling hungry and decided to just order the Oreo Cheesecake and hot chocolate as recommended by the server. The Oreo Cheesecake was just okay, nothing really fancy. Tastes commercialized – too much cream and not much cookie in the flavor and lacks texture. The hot chocolate was too sweet for me. Although this may be because of my personal preference but I like hot chocolates that are bittersweet where you can really taste genuine (dark) chocolate. Theirs was instant hot choco-like. Sorry I was not really impressed.

Although I was not genuinely happy with my experience, I am still open to going here but probably not too soon. Maybe I ordered the wrong food/drink and maybe they have a better bestsellers which I haven’t tried.

Round Robin Cafe

170 Maginhawa Corner Mapagkumbaba Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Store Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm Budget: Php200 – 500

About Elaine

interior designer | occasional bookworm | closet otaku | music lover | frustrated craftsman | lazy artist | part time bum
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