Station 7tea8

My friend and I have been driving along Maginhawa St. looking for a tea place which is not full. Of course, popular milk tea houses are already crossed off our list. Luckily, we found one beside Mexican Express.


Station 7tea8 is new having just had their soft opening the day before so I guess that’s the reason why there were not much people yet. The place is also quaint and comfortable but rather small only seating around 12 people inside plus 2 more tables at the al fresco area. They offer different kinds of local hot teas which is very interesting like guyabano , lagundi, avocado, guava and mango (will have to try that next time). They also have traditional milk teas and fruit teas but we ordered fruit teas instead. They also have hot meals which they claim to be all infused with tea. Quite interesting of course because they offer organic and healthy food. Yey for dieters!

Midway through our drink, the owners offered us an on the house pasta! We were kind of full already having just been from a meeting but we cannot say no to something that is given for free. Anyway, we were given Ragu alla Bolognese. The dish is still in the works so we were asked to rate the food and give comments. It was an interesting dish really. I can actually taste a hint of tea. The sauce was not too strong – I am actually a fan of tomato-based pasta which has a very tangy taste so eating something toned down was not as pleasing for me (my friend liked it more though). The fruit tea was great! I loved their strawberry fruit tea. It was not sugary sweet unlike other teas I have tasted from other stores.

Anyway, thanks Miguel for the pasta! It was nice meeting you. Hope to go back there soon. 🙂

Address: 162 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Q.C.

Store Hours: 11am-10pm (Tue – Sun)

Budget: Php 70 – 200

**This is a very late post – went there February 6**


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