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With much encouraging from my dear friends to watch more movies, and to try my hands on writing a movie review, I would like to start a new category – Now Watching. This will basically be my take on movies I watched (both old and new) and to start it all off, here’s my opinion on the movie I just watched this week, Home.


The Boovs have just recently escaped the Gorgs and are now on their way to their new home – the planet Earth. With the help of their leader, Capt. Smek (Steve Martin), the Boovs displaced the humans through a friendly invasion and have put them on an island where the humans are provided for with new dwellings while the Boovs move in into the previous human homes.  Among other things, Oh (Jim Parsons), an oddball of a Boov, is pretty much excited moving in into his new home. He organizes a house warming party and invites his neighbors but then no one shows up. Saddened by the turn of his supposed party, Oh then decides to send an invite to all the Boovs to a party in his house but mistakenly sends the invitation to everyone in the universe, including the Gorgs. This prompts the angered Boovs to run after Oh in an attempt to detain him for all the mistakes he has made.

On the other hand, Tip (Rihanna) barely escaped the invasion and loses her mom (Jennifer Lopez) in the process. She is then on her way to figure out how to look for her mother amidst the alien invasion. During Oh’s escape, he bumps into Tip and the two agrees to look for Tip’s mom while Oh tries to evade his pursuers.

Plot: The movie was obviously made for children so the story was very simple. The highlight of the movie was more on the journey of Oh and Tip in the quest to look for ‘my mom’ and the value of friendship. The humor, with a bit of slapstick, was okay something kids would appreciate. It was a very family oriented movie all in all. Nothing new, great and exciting.

Animation: I have seen better 3D animations than this. Everything was light and candy-colored, the characters were cute. It was not as detailed and polished as compared to  some previous animations I watched.

Cast: The whole time I was watching the movie, I cannot help but think about Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)! Jim Parson’s voice/portrayal of Oh was very similar as to that of Sheldon that it was hard to differentiate the characterization of the two.  I’m a big fan of TBBT and well, it was kind of hard to take away Jim as Sheldon. Rihanna for her part was good, well better than what she did in Battleship although this was just voice overs not on-camera acting. Steve Martin’s and Jennifer Lopez’s part were minimal and I actually can’t say much about it. 

Soundtrack: Well, of course having a singer as one of the main voice over casts, it would be understandable to have a songs of Rihanna’s in the soundtrack – Towards the SunAs Real as You and Me and Dancing in the Dark. Jennifer Lopez also had a song included in the album – Feel the Light (the one she performed in American Idol with the beautiful white dress that doubled as white screen projector!)

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  1. Meliza says:

    Wow! New category! Congrats! Looking forward to read posts in this category.

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