Pi Breakfast & Pies

I was home alone and too lazy to cook myself lunch so I went out  and walked around our neighborhood to try some place I haven’t dined in. Pi Breakfast and Pies was just a three blocks away and was not crowded on a busy weekday noon so I decided to pop in.


The place is pretty small, it can accommodate about 20 diners inside and unfortunately, no al fresco dining. The interiors are done in industrial/Scandinavian style which is starting to get very common in new restaurants – sorry.

They mainly serve an all-day breakfast and select pastries/breads/pies. Since I’m hungry and on my way to a meeting, I ordered a heavy meal, Wagyu Beef Sirloin Tapa (Php 245) which is served with garlic kimchi fried rice, egg and atchara. I loved it! The beef tapa was tender and flavorful, the garlic kimchi fried rice and atchara complements the saltiness of the tapa and gives it a tangy twist. I’d love to order this again when I get the chance but I would like to try other entrees from their menu too. For dessert I ordered the Butterfinger pie (Php 125), not really really a fan though. I can’t really taste the butterffinger in it and too much cream. I regret ordering it for dessert, should have bought Smores instead.

Address: 39 Malingap St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City

Store Hours: 7am-10pm daily

Budget: Php300-700

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10 Responses to Pi Breakfast & Pies

  1. The Simple Beginner says:

    Oh I didn’t realise the comments would go on top of all comments lol. In this case, I agree with Raymond (down below comment) LOL.

  2. The Simple Beginner says:

    I agree with Raymond ^! Haha. It’s a bummer though that you couldn’t taste the butterfinger dessert 😦 to be honest, I’ve never really tasted a smores before….lol.

    • mynihility says:

      I was really disappointed with the butterfinger because I was looking forward to how it tasted. You haven’t tasted smores? I suggest you try it when you get a chance, it’s delicious. Well, at least the ones I have tried are. 🙂

      • The Simple Beginner says:

        I’ve seen it before and heard reviews about how awesome and yum they are but yes, haven’t tried them. Hehe.

  3. abyssbrain says:

    I like to eat atchara and tapsilog a lot when I was still in the Philippines. They are delicious. 🙂

    • mynihility says:

      Hope you can come back and eat those again? Everyone likes tapsilog for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Yum! I love atchara. It goes well with any dish. 🙂

      • abyssbrain says:

        I actually come back to the Philippines at least once a year since I have many relatives there (from my mother’s side).

        • mynihility says:

          It’s nice to know you’re able to visit the Philippines at least once a year. Mind if I ask where you currently reside? 🙂

          • abyssbrain says:

            I currently live in Hong Kong, so I can actually visit the Philippines anytime since HK is very near. 🙂

  4. Raymond says:

    Mouthwatering 😮

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