Once you go craft, you can never go back

I was never a fan of beer. I don’t like the after taste of commercial beer bought here so I usually go for cocktails whenever on a night out with friends plus I’m not a chug and go drunk type (happened to me once and I swear never again!). Besides that, I have Asian Flush which means I can only drink a bottle and nothing more so I would rather go for quality over quantity. Since my friends and I love trying out something new and lucky us, there were craft beers available in Tweedle Book Cafe, we spent an afternoon catching up, eating our hearts out and planning on a holiday getaway.

There were two brands available, Gordon Biersch and Fat Pauly’s. Gordon Biersch is an American Brewery based in California while Fat Pauly’s is a local brewery from Iligan City. We each ordered a different brew so we can taste different kinds.

  1. Gordon Biersch Marzen (5%ABV) – Sweet smelling beer and tastes like caramel. It’s okay, better than other caramel flavored beers I have tasted around.
  2. Gordon Biersch Hefeweizen (5%ABV) – Light colored beer with a sweet citrus/fruity smell and a bubblegum taste. I like this one best of all, a good and easy drink on a hot sunny day.
  3. Fat Pauly’s Maria Cacao Milk Chocolate Stout (7%ABV) – Rich and dark with malty aroma and a bittersweet taste. We got an additional free bottle (last bottle from their stock) and I don’t think this is a drink I would chug down two bottles in a row. Best enjoyed and consumed slowly  – nutty and chocolate goodness in a bottle paired with a salty snack (I like sweet and salty pairings. Haha).

FYI, I am not a beer connoisseur and I am basing these on how I tasted them. After trying out craft beers, I don’t think I’d drink or buy another commercially, mass-produced beer (yuck). These beers taste entirely different and I have grown some sort of appreciation for the drink. Maybe I misunderstood beer after all. Cheers.

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5 Responses to Once you go craft, you can never go back

  1. Raymond says:

    Some beer for life. They look tasty. Seeing your description makes me want to buy them straight away!

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