Music Junkie: Breakbot

Hi guys! I’ll be taking a break this week. Finally, a well deserved summer vacation of sorts so I’ll be going MIA until the weekend. My friends and I are going on a beach trip for 3 days. And when I come back, I’ll be spending the day watching the Pacquiao vs Mayweather boxing match with some more friends. It’s going to be a hectic weekend but it’ll be fun nonetheless. I might blog all about my weekend when I get back. Anyway, before leaving, I’d like to share a good vacation/chill playlist. Something that I might play while on the way to the beach or while lounging under the sun.

Breakbot is Thibaut Berland’s stage name. He is a French producer and a DJ most recognized for his remixes. He has 1 studio album, By Your Side which was released September 2012.

I first heard Breakbot through a friend who suggested I listen to his songs/remixes. At first, I didn’t really like his music but I have grown to like and appreciate his music over time. Or maybe I was just not into this type of music back then – mood swings, haha. I now like listening to his album on days I am not into rock songs and want something laid back to play. Among the singles in his album, I like One Out of Two best of all.

Here is the complete tracklist of By Your Side:

  • Break of Dawn
  • Fantasy (ft. Ruckazoid)
  • One Out Of Two (ft. Irfane)
  • By Your Side Part 1 (ft. Pacific!)
  • By Your Side Part 2 (ft. Pacific!)
  • You Should Know (ft. Ruckazoid)
  • The Mayfly And The Light (ft. Irfane)
  • Programme
  • Easy Fraction
  • Baby I’m Yours (ft. Irfane)
  • Another Dawn (ft. Irfane)
  • Why (ft. Ruckazoid)
  • A Mile Away (ft. Irfane)
  • Intersection

What do you think of the songs? Hope you liked it as much as I do.


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