Watercolor Love

Hi everyone! I’m finally back after a month of hiatus. I decided to take a break from too much online activity for June to enjoy and celebrate my birth month. I had a blast the whole month and I will be making up for missed posts so I may or may not be flooding the page for a week.

For starters, I have decided to rekindle my love for art again. I have been too busy doing things/work on my laptop that I kind of forgotten to take up my brush and do watercolor painting. I have always planned to do a weekend art time for myself and I finally made some free time to do it. It’s actually a pretty relaxing activity and I plan to continue with this as long as I can – at least one artwork a week would be great though. I am now making some time for this during weekends off and I hope to get better in watercolor painting more.

Here are some of my works for the past month.

About Elaine

interior designer | occasional bookworm
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2 Responses to Watercolor Love

  1. Uma Gokhale says:

    Beautiful! Iam an artist too. Do visit me at http://83oranges.com

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