Dayhiking in Mt. Maculot

Late post

I have always wanted to try something different for my birthday but I also wanted to try something that would not be too costly. Since I already went on 2 beach trips with friends and experienced camping a week prior, I have decided to try hiking. I searched for guided trips and with the help of my trusty friend, we were able to score a good deal for a dayhike.

We signed up for a guided dayhike with Barefoot Thrills and geared up for our first out-of-uni hiking experience (we experienced going up and down the Banaue Rice Terraces back in college, so this is actually the first non-field trip hike we’re going to do, haha).

First of all, I am not in any way an athletic person. Yes, I played volleyball for fun and tried muay thai (for a month!) but nothing really serious or competitive so imagine how hard it was for me to actually go on and on, up towards the summit. Well, it was a good thing we had rests every now and then but really, I was sweating like crazy and panting like a dog by the second camp. It was a good thing though that we had friendly and accommodating guides and I didn’t feel very pressured to be the last person to arrive at every stop. They just motivated me to reach the top, and I did. Yey!

We really had fun and met new friends. We had fun taking photos of the paths we took and the views from the top of the mountain. It was fun climbing up the rocky part of the mountain too. All in all, it was very tiring but worth it. My heart pounded like crazy with every step I took going up but I loved the experience. Going down was a lot easier though the path was slippery because it rained a little. Well, I am willing to try this again but maybe not too soon. I still have sunburns from this and next time I will not forget to put on a sun block.

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  1. Raymond says:

    hahaha seems fun!

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