Read It: Paper Towns


Paper Towns
By John Green

I have a love-hate relationship with John Green’s works. For one, I loved the first book I read which is The Fault In Our Stars and then hated Looking For Alaska. The rest? I think it was just okay. Nothing as moving as the first book – ever.

I was having hesitations to read Paper Towns because of the plot I read on Goodreads but since some friends gave it high ratings, I think it would be safe to assume that it will be worth my reading time. Plus, it was going to be shown in the theaters so, might as well read before seeing it on the big screen.

Paper Towns is a story about Quentin Jacobsen who has been in love with his neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman, since the first day they met (which was way back when they were nine years old). They both discover a dead man’s body in a park while they were riding their bikes and nothing has ever been the same since then. Fast forward to the present where their relationship grew apart, Q being the average guy with geeky friends and good grades, and Margo, the popular adventurous girl everyone adores. One night, Margo surprisingly climbs into Q’s bedroom and asks for his help to seek revenge on some people. Q eventually agrees and they go on an all-night adventure plotting silly things on their schoolmates. It was an amazing night for Q and he thought that things with Margo may change after this. A confident Q arrives on school the next morning only to discover that Margo has disappeared yet again on another anonymous adventure. He then sees clues left for him here and there which he tries to solve in an attempt to track down and find Margo.

I have varying feelings for this book. Just like Green’s other works, I kind of hate it and like it at the same time.

  1. I think after reading some of Green’s works, they all seem to become formulaic for me. I mean, here we go again with the awkward main character (and his set of friends) and his attempts to find his love which almost always seem to be someone undergoing a soul-searching phase or some sort.
  2. I loved the prologue! It was very interesting to read about two kids finding a dead body. Their characters were already being built because it was shown how different they were based on their reactions on finding the dead man. I was hoping for some mystery adventure but it all went downhill after the prologue.
  3. Quentin as a main character was okay and pretty average as what he was intended to be. I think readers would like him because he was pretty relatable. People usually empathize with those who experience unrequited love – so high school.
  4. I loved Ben and Radar. I believe they were what gave life to the story. Their lively characters (mostly Ben) made the story less boring.
  5.  Margo Roth Spiegelman. Definitely not the heroine in this love story.
  6.  I must admit, it was pretty awesome looking for clues and solving them. And going on a road trip with your bestfriends are also cool. Pair it up with the countdown they have set in order to go to the paper town, it was worth the trip.
  7. On finding Margo, my expectations went down the drain. I hated it. It was effective because it was not what I thought it would be. But still, I hated how Margo was such a self-centered bitch. Damn.
  8. After everything else, I was happy about Q’s decision. Definitely a wise choice! Although it was kind of obvious he was being friendzoned from the beginning, it was not his fault for getting his hopes up. Again Margo, the self-centered lass.

All in all, it’s not something I would generally enjoy nor reread in the near future. I like the little adventures but I’m not really a fan of high school drama.


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