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It’s been two years since I officially quit my day job.

293575_206368989431706_126605500741389_536406_1350438917_nI remember then thinking very hard about my decision to pass my resignation letter and call it quits from the job that I have come to love and hate for more than two years. It was hard but I wanted to do more things. There are a lot of doubts coming from other people, that it’s hard to be unemployed and that I should be thankful to have had a decent-paying job and keep it instead. But they are not me.

I wanted to try out new things. I was willing to quit and fail and then try again. I felt that while I’m young and only responsible for myself, I can venture into new things – to feel free. I was tired of the 8-5 routine. They said I only needed a vacation but I wanted to be able to have a vacation whenever I can and want to without having to think of how many days were left on my vacation leave. They say creative people find it hard to stick to routine. Maybe. But I’m also finding myself in all the process.

What now? Since quitting my day job, a lot of things has happened.

  • 66309_394074137327856_1802570681_nI felt more confident in taking design jobs. I feel more responsible for myself and my work and it pushed me more to think outside the box since no one else is going to check my work for approval except for me and the client. I also tried to learn more about the trade by reading articles and books that I think would help me. I actually want to take up additional short courses but maybe not now since I’m  still short in funds and fees are quite steep.
  • I found time to balance work and leisure and I felt more at ease doing things at my own pace. I still have deadlines to beat but I don’t feel pressured doing overtime work (since I do it at home). I can dedicate a whole day for work, finish a short task per day or cram it all up. I can work my way around my schedule and deadlines so it’s been quite easy.
  • I have more time to do my hobbies. I can read freely whenever I want. I usually take breaks and read whenever I have a hard time coming up with designs. I was finally able to take part in my book club’s monthly meetings (yay!) which I haven’t been able to do when I was working. I now found time doing little painting projects which I do to relax and I have more time to write and schedule blog posts.
  • Vacations. The most important thing of all (for me). I’m able to go to places without thinking of office work and vacation leaves. I can schedule trips when I have the resources to spare and I am more accommodating to schedule random short trips with friends.
  • I feel more connected with my friends now. I also have met new people, acquaintances, friends and business contacts.
  • I don’t have a stable income but I always get by. Haha. I’m proud of myself because I’m always able to pay my bills on time. It’s funny because I was also able to lend money to some friends given my financial status (it pays to help though). I now how to budget my finances and still get to enjoy going out with friends, going on vacations and buy some stuff I need. I hope though that in the long run I’ll be able to have a steady flow of projects. Saving one peso at a time.

I still don’t know what I want long term. I’m happy with what I have now. I still feel that I want to explore more options and see what else is in store for me. I have made small blunders in the past 2 years but I’m not letting it stop me to seek out and try.


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