The Bottleshop

I really wanted to come here and see the different beers they have for sale. My friends and I have been planning to come here but we were all busy with work and found it hard to schedule a definite date to drop by and grab a drink. Fortunately, we had a little book activity where we needed to snap some shots from a list given by the moderator (including a bottle of beer), so here we were swigging bottles and taking photos of everything we can find on the list. We did this for the love of books and beers, haha.

The Bottleshop has just recently opened their second branch in BGC and we were very happy because it’s now nearer compared to the Magallanes Branch. The place is small can can accommodate at least 50 people. The interiors are dim and industrial. The place is very chill and nice to hang out in with some friends for some intimate conversations. Definitely not a rowdy place unlike some bars. And the staff definitely know their beers. They can suggest if you ever have trouble picking out what to drink. They also have some sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres to pair with your chilled beer.

I ordered their Espanol Sandwich (Php 275) served with chips, nothing very special. They have limited food choices and there’s not much to pick if you’re hungry and want to eat a hearty meal with your beer. But if you’re there for the beer, you’re in IPA heaven. Our evening beer picks were:

  • Boracay Blonde by The Cebruery (4.1% ABV) – Local craft. Light beer, flowery taste (kind of like tea). Not a fan of teas with flowery taste so I’m not very into it. (Php 250)
  • Nipa Tropic Haze by Nipa Brews (5.5% ABV) – Local craft. Tried this one before. Light beer, a bit bitter with a hint of banana. (Php 250)
  • Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout by Anderson Valley Brewing (5.8% ABV) – Imported craft from CA., USA. Dark stout, sweet toffee/cocoa flavor. We think it’s too sweet, a dessert beer maybe. (Php 230)

We’d definitely go back here. Among all pubs, they have the widest selection of beers from all over the world. They have it available in bottles (for dining and to-go) and on tap. The place is very nice, not noisy and comfortable to have a chat with friends. Sounds kind of upscale but it’s okay.

The Bottleshop

Address: 26th St. corner 3rd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Store Hours: 12nn – 2am, daily

Budget: Php 300 – 1,000


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