The Nook Cafe

I live in an area where there are a LOT of unique places to experience dining but I am not very aware and up to date with it. People always ask me where to eat in Maginhawa but since there are countless new restaurants popping up here and there, I already lost count of the what and where to eat when in Maginhawa. Maybe I can make a newer, up to date map one of these days? There are still establishments being built so I guess I’ll wait until it’s all done? Something to put for a future post.

Just a few weeks ago our book club had a planning meeting in The Nook Cafe. It’s one of the new and popular cafes along Maginhawa and people are actually lining up outside just to get a seat and try it out.

So what makes it different from the others?

They say that if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you will love the place since it’s themed after the famous fantasy book series. They have props that can cater to the HP fandom and of course, this is the very reason why people are lining up just to get inside.

The Nook Cafe is a relatively small place (maybe the reason why it’s called ‘nook’), the interior is very cramped. The ground floor can seat only 6 diners or less and if people lined up for the cashier, the place gets easily crowded (believe me we were seated near the cashier). We were then transferred to the loft where the space is a bit bigger. It can accommodate 8-10 people and it’s more relaxing to be seated here than downstairs. There were wall murals depicting Diagon Alley and there were Hogwarts robes to try if you’re interested in dressing up. They also have wands and other knick knacks which you can play with and some board games if you wish to stay for a bit longer.

Their menu is very affordable and their best seller would probably be the Butterbeer (non-alcoholic). Of course, I tried the Butterbeer (Php 150) but it’s too sweet for me. It taste like melted butterball candy and I didn’t like how it felt in my tongue (thick and oily feeling). It’s definitely something I would try for curiosity’s sake but nothing I would drool over for. We also ordered Cheese Potato Wedges (Php 95), generous serving with lots of cheese and is good for sharing; Bacon Wrapped Chicken (Php 140), 4 pieces of chicken wrapped in bacon which is very delicious since I am in love with bacon wrapped things and Grilled Cheese Panini (Php 110), I didn’t like this since it tastes like home-made melted cheese sandwich.

Okay, so my verdict would have to be: I would gladly go here because I am curious but I will not be back unless someone begged me to come again (in a very distant future). The line going inside was very long and I don’t have the patience to wait in a long queue. The place is cramped and noisy so it’s not a place where you can have nice conversations. The interior as they say is HP themed, but not very so if you ask the interior design judgmental me. It’s more YA book themed since there are YA books displayed here and there, and quotes from The Perks of Being a Wallflower displayed on frame. Dominantly HP but not only HP. The staff/owners were very nice and accommodating. The menu is VERY¬†affordable but not unique/special enough (save for the Butterbeer) to go back again and try everything on the menu.

The Nook Cafe

Address: 164-A Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Q.C.

Store Hours: 1pm-10pm, Daily

Budget: Php 75-200

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