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I have read the book by Jay Asher back in 2014. I was not a fan and learning that his work has been made into a series, well, I’m not as ecstatic as others were. I was curious though and wanted to give 13 Reasons Why a chance to redeem itself.

I was wrong.

I still did not like it. I have written my review a few years back and stated reasons why I did not like it. The same still applies to the series and here are another 13 reasons how I felt about the show.

  1. I applaud the fact that the show remained faithful to the novel. There were differences but it was subtle. Something that avid readers/fans would appreciate given how novels can usually be very different when translated into a TV show or movie.
  2. I still feel sad for Clay. Innocent, unrequited lover hoping to finally have a shot at love only to find out that his Juliet committed suicide. Totally unfair of Hannah to include him in the tapes.
  3. I thought that when I watch the show, Hannah would redeem herself. I thought that maybe I just misunderstood novel Hannah but I guess TV show Hannah was still the same. Too much drama.
  4. Some of the reasons Hannah stated in her tapes were trivial. (Talking about the tapes of Jessica, Alex and Sheri)
  5. I know that this show was supposed to highlight depression or mental issues teens go through. Yes, it presented the usual stereotypes but it did not really help much to raise awareness or uplift people undergoing the same experiences. Or maybe I just didn’t get it?
  6. If they were going to raise awareness about depression, then maybe they should have highlighted the signs and how to detect when a person is under stress/depression.
  7. The suicide scene. I hate blood and gore and I was not able to watch the scene. I turned the screen the other way and just listened until it was done. I know that the intent was to make the show as realistic and as touching as possible but to show really, how to finish the job, I think it was a poor call of judgment knowing that younger people would have watched this.
  8. Recording a tape stating how the persons around you pushed you into your death is not cool.
  9. If there’s any consolation, it showed the effects of suicide to the family and school community. Some people may feel like it was their fault and some may think nothing of it.
  10. I would love to have a friend like Tony.
  11. Overall, I do not see how in any way this show was to raise awareness about depression, bullying and suicide.
  12. Actually, now that I think about it, the reason why I started writing again was because of how I felt about this show. Lol. Seriously.
  13. Hannah Baker, welcome to your blog post. 😛

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