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Siglo: Freedom by Dean Francis Alfar, et al.

Okay, I’m backtracking posts to the last book I read before I stopped writing. Kindly bear with me as I go down to this one by one.

Siglo: Freedom by Dean Francis Alfar may be one of my memorable books/graphic novel read because this is the first time I have moderated a book discussion with my TFG friend, Mawi. We decided to go with this because our theme was graphic novels and this is probably one of the few graphic novels that is affordable and readily available (thank you to Nautilus Comics for providing us with copies).

Anyway, Siglo is a compilation of 10 short graphic stories that narrate the experience of freedom from the year 1910-2004. It was written and illustrated by different talented artists and writers, and presents the theme in various ways relating to the assigned decade. Out of the ten novels, my top 3 are:

  1. Batangas, 1983 – Probably the story where I can relate the most. A short story about teen angst and how you want to live a life away from your family.
  2. Negros Occidental, 1978 – Playful. The concept of freedom in the eyes of children.

    When the fire is over, do you think it’s possible? Can I keep the shoes?

  3. Baguio, 1966 – This was a bit hazy for me but seeing the probable future in the mindset of people in 1966 was not too far from what we have now.

    Be thankful for the simple life we have right now

All in all, I think the concept of interpreting freedom in different timelines, places and walks of life is interesting. The idea is there but the stories were not as powerful as the authors would like it to be. It was okay, relatable but forgettable. The illustrations were also okay. Nothing special since the concept was normal life in the country, nothing too extravagant and showy.

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