Read It: The Complete Persepolis


The Complete Persepolis

by Marjane Satrapi

Finally! Some free time to write. The past few months have been quite a challenge. There have been changes in my schedule so it was a bit hard to adjust to the not so freelance life (more on that next time). I am trying to fix how I can still do the things I love despite the additional work load and until now, it’s still on a trial and error phase. Hehe.

The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is a graphic autobiography of the author. It narrates the life of Marjane’s childhood, growing up in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution to her coming of age while studying in Austria and then going home to her family in Iran. Her experiences as a child were cute and innocent, and shows her creativity, her awareness to the current issues and how she expresses her stand on these. Growing up, I guess she is very fortunate to have been brought up in a well-off family. During her rebellious teenage years, she was quite hard-headed and ended up getting into an argument with her school principal. Gripped with fear for Marjane’s actions, her mother decides to send her to Austria to attend a French school. Her experiences in Austria and away from her family has helped her discover a lot about the world outside her home country and learn more about other cultures.

I liked the flow of the story. The timeline was clean and precise (no jumping timelines) and it felt like the events unfolding were being told by a friend. The language was candid and pretty much made reading easy. The graphics were okay – average. It was not some flamboyant artwork crammed in small pages. It was simple, readable and showing a comic reality of Marjane’s life. Overall, it was not as moving as other biographies I have read maybe because I consider her privileged at some point. I haven’t watched the movie but I’ll be adding it on my to-watch list.

On a side note, one thing I hate about reading graphic novels is how fast I finish reading the book. Haha. Graphic novels are quite pricey and when I begin reading and realize that I’m almost halfway through the book, it makes me think that I should slow down to make my money worth for a few more days. Hahaha. But that’s just me. How about you? Do you feel the same way when reading graphic novels?


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