Read It: Slade House


Slade House by David Mitchell


“People are masks, with masks under those masks, and masks under those, and down you go.” 

I have always seen the Slade House on bookstore shelves but have never had the opportunity to purchase one because I always had something else on mind and I found the book expensive. Luckily, they finally have a paperback version so I guess it was time for me to read my first David Mitchell novel.

The Slade House is composed of five interconnected short stories. Every nine years, the residents of the Slade House extend an invitation to a special individual. It follows a very brief background about the guests, to their timely discovery of the black iron door and then their sudden disappearance.

The stories felt very compressed and it gives me the impression that something bigger might be in store on the next chapters. I liked how eerie the Slade House sounded and how very little was said about the Grayers during the first parts of the novel. Because of the story build up, I was expecting something exciting during the climax but I felt disappointed at how things turned out in the end – it was anticlimactic. It just went downhill and I refuse to believe that the Grayers just went down like that. I felt that the novel had so much potential but was finished off in a hurry.

I had high expectations from the book and from the author because of the great reviews. Maybe I just set the bar too high. Anyway, I’m still up for reading another novel by Mitchell and won’t be disheartened with just one book – The Bone Clocks is still on my TBR pile. 🙂

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