Read It: Koma

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by Pierre Wazem & Frederik Peeters

Adidas, a young girl who works as assistant chimney sweep for her father, one day ventures too far down the chimney and discovers a world different than her own. Here, she learns that monsters each have a machine to maintain which connects to human life up above.

There is a lot at play in this graphic novel. Don’t get me wrong, the illustrations are fit for children but the content gives it a Coco-like vibe. It seems like an ordinary adventure novel but then turns out to have heart-pinching scenes. Adidas’ journey to self-discovery is very touching and I like the fact that no matter their circumstances, the father-daughter love is always strong. Moreover, the story gives us an impression of how people obsess over life longevity, the tendency of authority to control its citizens, and the ways people try to outdo each other.

I love the illustrations by Peeters. The colors were vivid and the line value gives it a child-friendly look. The character illustrations were great because I think their expressions were greatly portrayed in each panel. Personally, I think this would be a good graphic novel to be translated into cartoons. I hope someone makes this a reality.


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