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Read It: The Complete Maus

Graphic novels are quite pricey and as much as I want to have the luxury of collecting a shelf full of them, I try to pick a few titles to add to my collection (huhu, the woe of a lowly reader). Fortunately, a good friend was able to buy me some books during her trip so I was able to add some to my very little graphic novel shelf. Continue reading

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Read It: The Romanov Sisters

The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport I wanted to shake up my reading list a bit so I tried to find a book that is not something I would typically read. I am also quite vocal about how bored I … Continue reading

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Read It: Siglo:Freedom

Siglo: Freedom by Dean Francis Alfar, et al. Okay, I’m backtracking posts to the last book I read before I stopped writing. Kindly bear with me as I go down to this one by one.

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Now Watching: 13 Reasons Why

I have read the book by Jay Asher back in 2014. I was not a fan and learning that his work has been made into a series, well, I’m not as ecstatic as others were. I was curious though and … Continue reading

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I’m back

It has almost been a year since I last wrote an entry. I remember I had promised to continue writing posts but I guess I was not much with keeping up promises. A lot of things has happened in a … Continue reading

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Read It: Halina Filipina

Halina Filipina by Arnold Arre   After reading Mythology Class, I was interested to read more local graphic novels. It was nice to read and discover works made by Filipino artists and somehow, I can say that their works are … Continue reading

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Read It:The End of Faith

The End of Faith by Sam Harris “The only thing we should respect in a person’s faith is his desire for a better life in this world; we need never have respected his certainty that one awaits him in the … Continue reading

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