Read It: The Fountainhead

The Fountainhead

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

The reason why I read this book was because I know it will hit close to home. I haven’t read novels tackling architecture and life as an architect as deeply as this so it took me a while to finish the book because of so many feels I had with the plot.

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The Bunny Baker Cafe & Cake Studio

Went here for our third and last HOHOL for JSMN buddy reads. This place was the most convenient for us three and also a cafe we all haven’t tried out before. It was a bit hard to find since it is located at the third level of Hemady Square and the signage outside was not as visible. I only knew of the place because I was familiar with the area so if you’re planning to go there, just look for the Starbucks along E. Rodriguez corner Hemady, and you got the right building.

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Read It: Mythology Class


Mythology Class
By Arnold Arre

Mythology class is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Arnold Arre. It tells the tale of 10 UP students who received an odd pamphlet inviting them to join a Mythology class. Everyone goes to join the class out of curiosity and finds out that they are the chosen students who are capable of seeking and capturing enkantos lurking in the city. They accept the challenge and go on a quest to slay and capture creatures of local myth and folklore.
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Big Bad Wolf

One of the things I enjoy since being active in our book club aside from sharing the love for books and reading, is being able to go to different places. We had our August book discussion in Big Bad Wolf and it’s a place I wouldn’t have come to if not for it.

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The Nook Cafe

I live in an area where there are a LOT of unique places to experience dining but I am not very aware and up to date with it. People always ask me where to eat in Maginhawa but since there are countless new restaurants popping up here and there, I already lost count of the what and where to eat when in Maginhawa. Maybe I can make a newer, up to date map one of these days? There are still establishments being built so I guess I’ll wait until it’s all done? Something to put for a future post.

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Duck & Buvette

For our second HOHOL for JSMN buddy reads, we had a very late dinner (thanks to the unbelievable metro traffic) in Duck & Buvette in Shangri La Mall. I think this was one of the restaurants with few diners, the reason why the place was picked.

The restaurant looks warm and homey and I think can accommodate more than 30 diners. I really loved the rustic look and their furniture doesn’t look massed produced, off the rack pieces. I especially liked the bar design – half round, 3/4 inch untreated moldings, which gave natural warmth and look over the bottle-filled shelves in the backdrop.

There were a lot to choose from their menu and it was hard picking which sounds delicious. We ended up ordering: Angus Meatballs (Php 240), Grilled Chicken Provencal (Php 320), Duck Ragu Pappardelle (Php 380), Chocolate Sourdough Pudding (Php 180) and The Earl’s Cheesecake (Php 190). The Angus Meatballs were just okay and a bit disappointing to see it only had 8 pieces of meatballs over a plate of fresh tomato sauce. The Grilled Chicken Provencal was better, it’s char-grilled chicken served with fresh tomato sauce and a cup of rice. The Duck Ragu Pappardelle was a bit bland, it’s also served in tomato sauce. I didn’t like it much because I want my tomato-based pasta a bit on the sour, tangy side so it didn’t fit well with me. Also, we didn’t realize we ordered food all served in tomato sauce until it was ll in front of us basking in tomato-ey glory, haha. For dessert we had Chocolate Sourdough Pudding served with vanilla icing, I loved this because of the consistency of the bread – soft, moist and compliments the sweetness of the ice cream. We also had The Earl’s Cheesecake, a creamy cheesecake with hints of tea.

This place is a bit high-end based on the price and serving size. It’s a good place to have light meals and desserts but not an ideal place to have a full meal. Their entree meals are average and not something I will go back to eventually although I might drop by for their desserts. I heard their waffles are the bomb but we were not able to try them out since we came too late and it’s already out of stock.

Duck & Buvette

Address: 2nd Level, Main Wing, Shangri  La Plaza, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

Store Hours: 11am – 9pm, daily

Budget: Php 500-1200

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The Bottleshop

I really wanted to come here and see the different beers they have for sale. My friends and I have been planning to come here but we were all busy with work and found it hard to schedule a definite date to drop by and grab a drink. Fortunately, we had a little book activity where we needed to snap some shots from a list given by the moderator (including a bottle of beer), so here we were swigging bottles and taking photos of everything we can find on the list. We did this for the love of books and beers, haha.

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