Read It: The Complete Maus


The Complete Maus

by Art Spiegelman


Graphic novels are quite pricey and as much as I want to have the luxury of collecting a shelf full of them, I try to pick a few titles to add to my collection (huhu, the woe of a lowly reader). Fortunately, a good friend was able to buy me some books during her trip so I was able to add some to my very little graphic novel shelf. Continue reading

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Read It: The Romanov Sisters

The Romanov Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra

The Romanov Sisters

by Helen Rappaport

I wanted to shake up my reading list a bit so I tried to find a book that is not something I would typically read. I am also quite vocal about how bored I get in reading historical themed novels and am not really into biographies, so now, here I was trying to hit two birds in one stone. Hehehe.

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Read It: Siglo:Freedom

Image result for siglo freedom

Siglo: Freedom by Dean Francis Alfar, et al.

Okay, I’m backtracking posts to the last book I read before I stopped writing. Kindly bear with me as I go down to this one by one.

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Now Watching: 13 Reasons Why

Image result for 13 reasons why movie

I have read the book by Jay Asher back in 2014. I was not a fan and learning that his work has been made into a series, well, I’m not as ecstatic as others were. I was curious though and wanted to give 13 Reasons Why a chance to redeem itself.

I was wrong. Continue reading

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I’m back

It has almost been a year since I last wrote an entry. I remember I had promised to continue writing posts but I guess I was not much with keeping up promises. A lot of things has happened in a year and now I guess I’m back to continue where I left off. Maybe it’s not too late to get back to the groove, right?

I was absent for a year and some of you may wonder what I have been up to.

  1. I was too preoccupied with fueling up my career. I try very hard to get one project after the next to no avail. I loved being busy with work but still, I do not know how I fare as a designer.
  2. My parents migrated to another country. I don’t know how to feel about this. I’m happy and sad at the same time.
  3. I tried and failed, and am still trying my luck with love. LOL. I guess this one is better told over a bottle of beer or over coffee/tea.

Anyway, this is just me trying to say hi. Expect new posts soon. 🙂

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Read It: Halina Filipina


Halina Filipina

by Arnold Arre


After reading Mythology Class, I was interested to read more local graphic novels. It was nice to read and discover works made by Filipino artists and somehow, I can say that their works are well thought of and executed.

Halina Filipina is a graphic novel about Halina, an American born Filipina who came back to the Philippines to visit relatives and Cris, a struggling movie critic. The two met randomly inside a mall and eventually hit it off. Cris then helps Halina how to live and survive in Manila while Halina makes Cris realize the importance of his hometown.

  1. The story is very simple. It had a “500 days of Summer” vibe to it. A summer friendship, a fling, an upcoming romance that was not there in the end. It’s a love story without all the mushy drama. Reading Mythology Class then jumping to this, each is very different from the other and shows the versatility of the author to weave stories at entirely different genres
  2. The presentation of characters were clear and consistent all throughout the story. They were realistic and believable. Cris, for a main character was someone most people can relate to. He is flawed. He has his own set of principles in life and struggles to make ends meet (financially and emotionally) during the period he is with Halina.
  3. Halina on the other hand, is like a typical Filipina born and raised in a foreign land. She is very eager to learn about the Philippines and discover places and meet new people.
  4. Zaldy and Meldy Show. This one represented how people tend to follow shows and idolize its hosts that can help them financially. This is a reflection of our reality. Some people, like Cris, hate the fact that people only religiously try to watch these shows live for financial gain but it’s something they will repeatedly do because it entertains them and helps them have a chance to win something.
  5. I really like the ending.
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Read It:The End of Faith


The End of Faith by Sam Harris

“The only thing we should respect in a person’s faith is his desire for a better life in this world; we need never have respected his certainty that one awaits him in the next.”

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