In Design: Kishani Perera

Every now and then I try to find design inspirations from designer's works. It's a fun way to try to tweak your design style a bit and learn from their own expertise. Today, I have seen works by Interior Designer Kishani Perera which I find very much to my liking. Eclectic and contemporary interiors spruced... Continue Reading →

Read It: Design Sponge At Home

Design Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney I got this book as a birthday gift from my bosses (Yey!) and I am very happy to have received this because I was actually saving up to purchase this. I must admit, I was pretty excited with this gift that I immediately unwrapped this from its plastic... Continue Reading →

Read It: Akoposijayson

Photo Credit: Akoposijayson I was browsing a while ago on my facebook page and saw a friend share a link to a blog page. I was curious because a lot of people liked it and found the blog entry funny. True enough, the blog entry of Akoposijayson entitled,  Women, From A Guy Who Loves One, about how men... Continue Reading →

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